The moment my daughter told me she was pregnant, I knew I had to go.

“Aw…shit,” I said. “Well, now I have to move to Portland.”

Months later, I sat in my empty apartment, a few bags and things strewn around, my Honda Element parked outside, stuffed to the brim with my remaining belongings and maps highlighted with a zig zag path of sites to see….ready to leave my life in Lafayette and begin a new one in Oregon.

I started this blog with the hope of a different subject. I wanted to travel the world and Jerusalem was going to be my first stop. But after dropping my passport on the tarmac in Germany, being denied entry, held for a couple of nights and sent back to Houston, that hope took a serious, if not humorous blow.

(It’s a good story. You should read it: The Jerusalem Story)

So now, Leaving Lafayette takes on a new meaning. Now it will be about a 10-day road trip. It will be about leaving my life, such as it was, my friends and my beloved city. It will be about joining my daughter’s family, her husband, 8-year old son and my new grandchild. It will be about finding a way to work and live and getting to know a new city and a new landscape.

At 47, with both fear and excitement, I’m leaving Lafayette and starting over again…..again.